• Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub
  • Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub
  • Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub
  • Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub
  • Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub
  • Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub
  • Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub
  • Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub

Moon by 1-Ring: World's COOLEST Smart Home Hub

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The Moon is the world's most innovative Smart Home Solution. It combines amazing features with a revolutionary design: • Smart Home Hub with ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE & IR Blaster • Stabilized levitation with wireless charging • 360° Day&Night Vision with sound direction detection technology • Temperature, CO2, Humidity and Light Sensors • No paid plans, no hidden fees • No wires, No setup, No installation

The Moon by 1-Ring is the most advanced and versatile Smart Home Solution and a Security Camera in the world.
It features a revolutionary stabilized 360° levitation technology and allows easy integration of modern Smart Home and legacy devices into your personal Internet of Things.

The proprietary technology used in the Moon provides for a noiseless, jerk-free and fully controllable levitation that has no equal on the consumer market. The Moon by 1-Ring can rotate smoothly and without delay in any direction and is charged wirelessly for 24/7 uninterrupted operation.

Unite your home and office appliances into your very own Internet of Things using the Moon by 1-Ring as the central Smart Hub. Combining major home automation standards, inbuilt sensors and a programmable IR Blaster the Moon by 1-Ring allows you to remotely control your home from anywhere in the world. Automate your daily routines with the moon Commander app to make the most out of your free time.

Should the Moon by 1-Ring detect movement or noise it will automatically rotate towards it, take a snapshot or respond in a predefined way. You can also take direct control of the camera to record a video, make a snapshot or communicate two-way at any time.

The Moon by 1-Ring's easily customizable Guard Mode will help keep both your home and office safe and secure e.g integrating a home alarm, or using our built-in Presence Simulation tool to let the Moon by 1-Ring occasionally switch on lights and other devices in a realistic pattern.

Video chatting with your family or working together with colleagues abroad has never been easier or felt more natural. Connect the Moon by 1-Ring to a conference application of choice and use it as an interactive webcam. High-quality speakers and noise-canceling microphones ensure that you truly are a participant in any meeting, not just an observer.

As everyone else, we have been facing the desire to automate our homes, but we, as lot’s of you, were facing a market with many smart home solutions which are either proprietary based protocols or very limited expandability.

Two and a half years ago we came together to develop a solution that will become the center of our and hopefully your smart home – integrating all modern IoT standards with a groundbreaking home security camera that will not only be as versatile as no other camera ever before, but also become a real jewel in your home or office. Throughout our journey, more and more people have joined our project adding their ideas to the final product, making it as a versatile gadget for any situation: be it a single room bachelor apartment or a 2 story family house with a dog and two children.

After drafting the idea and looking for available solutions, we experimented extensively, creating several designs and multiple prototypes until we found a solution that seamlessly combines sophisticated electrical engineering, like our patented stabilized levitation technology within a state of the art design.

We have partnered with award-winning software and hardware engineers, that have worked on several other large-scale industrial projects to make sure that the final product meets our and your highest expectations.

28 Months later we stand here with a product with patented technology ready for mass production and are extremely excited to introduce the Moon by 1-Ring to the world.

We hope you will like and support our pursuit for a better, easy to use and beautiful Smart Home!

In addition to Moonlight Silver color, we unlocked two additional colors Galactic grey and Star White!


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  • Is Government Watching You with Moon Camera?
  • Is Moon by 1 Ring Safe With Pets?
  • Will Thieves Steal Your Moon Smart Camera?
  • How Long Can Moon Smart Camera Levitate?
  • Can I use the camera separately from the base unit?

    Yes, you can also use the Moon by 1-Ring as a standalone device. To provide you with the best possible experience, we have integrated magnets to the bottom of the camera-unit, which allows the Moon by 1-Ring to be mounted on any magnetic surface. And with the Flexible Arm, you can mount the camera to almost any other surface. 
  • Does the camera have a zoom?

    Yes, the camera comes with up to 4x digital zoom.
  • How do I access my captured videos and is there a timeline feature?

    All videos can be accessed via the Moon Commander, our free of charge Android and iOS app. The Moon Commander supports time-lapse and automatically highlights segments where an alert has been triggered.
  • Can I schedule or turn off notifications? 

    Of course! We are working hard to make the Moon Commander App as customisable as possible. 
  • How secure is my data?

    Your privacy is of the highest importance to us, so all data communication from and to the Moon by 1-Ring is protected by 265-bit Enterprise-grade encryption for your maximum security.
  • Will the Moon by 1-Ring work with my existing Smart Home devices?

    Having ZigBee, Zwave and Bluetooth Smart on-board, we are able to integrate almost any device that operates within these standards.